We’re back for 2019!

It’s 2019, and it took me 2 months (including a great deal of procrastination) to fix a PHP version issue after a site migration. My hate of PHP just grew a bit more…

In this early 2019, the Road to Bandol can be quite dangerous, as exemplified by the video below:

Yep, that’s the Bandol toll barrier burning during a gilets jaunes demonstration. I am not sure to be fully sympathetic to these gilets jaunes, but they represent the French way to signal major unease in the population: rioting.

What they want is not clear, but what they express is very clear: it was better before. And I have to admit that the latest serious books that I have read kinda make me feel somewhat like this:

I guess that the year 2019 is going to be interesting, but it takes me a lot of positive energy to be optimistic about the near future. But then, who knows, because

The times, they are a changing…

So let’s go for a good change.

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