Uh oh, Google just stopped updating my kids’ phones

So, Google has revoked Huawei’s Android license. Huawei’s new phones won’t get any of the nice Google features like Google’s store, Gmail, and more. But also, all existing Huawei phones will stop receiving updates from Google.

What? This includes my kids’ Honor-branded phones, and as far as I know, a significant portion of the kids in their middle school, as Honor has been proposing phones with a great value for a few years, and they are popular in that population who are usually not getting the top-of-the-line models.

I could also have titled this blog more provocatively as “Google denies basic security to their customers,” “Donald Trump throws millions of kids in hackers’ hands,” or “Evil Americans exercise extra-territorial power over people around the world.” There are plenty of opportunities here to be angry, but the problem is elsewhere.

There is here a trust and liability issue. When I buy an Android phone, I expect some service from the vendor, but I also expect some services from Google. In my professional life, I am battling for improving IoT security, making updates mandatory and secure, among other things. Until now, this was a battle against slackers and profiteers, but today, politics is getting in the way. If hackers benefit from this, who can be held liable? Is this just Huawei? Doesn’t Google share some responsibility for stopping their support? My kids have done nothing, for sure.

Most comments seem to emphasize that Google dealt a big blow to Huawei, but Google has also dealt a big blow to themselves: Huawei didn’t cut my kids’ updates, Google did. This really has some consequences on the Android model: When you buy a phone with Android, you introduce a dependency between you and both the device vendor and Google, and you will be a collateral victim if their relationship turns sour. This almost sounds like Apple; when you get an iPhone, you belong to Apple, but at least, only to Apple.

It makes me rethink seriously my dependency on Google, so it’s time to take some strong decisions. I will switch my family streaming subscription from Google Play Music to Spotify, just to make sure that my kids still enjoy music on their unsupported phones. And if this madness continues, I will move them to Huawei’s app store as well…

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