Eric’s stuff

This first bibliography contains most of my public work on Java Card. Most of it is not published, because they are talks in industrial conferences or invited talks. Since most of this stuff is difficult to find online, I will try to add links to the slides and/or papers. Since then, you can contact me if you want these papers.

Scientific conferences

  • Eric Vétillard and Guillaume Dufay. NFC, Java Card, and Certification. Proceedings of the C&ESAR 2009 Conference, Novembre 2009.
  • Eric Vétillard and Anthony Ferrari. Combined Attacks and Countermeasures. Smart Card Research and Application (CARDIS), vol. 6035 of LNCS, 2010, pp.133-147.
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  • Gilles Barthe, Lennart Beringer, Pierre Crégut, Benjamin Grégoire, Martin Hofmann, Peter Müller, Erik Poll, Germán Puebla, Ian Stark, Eric Vétillard. MOBIUS: Mobility, Ubiquity, Security, Trustworthy Global Computing, Second Symposium, vol. 4661 of LNCS, 2007, pp. 10-29.
  • Eric Vétillard. Reaching Invisibility Through Ubiquity. Cassis’04, Marseille, March 2004.
  • Jean-Jacques Vandewalle and Eric Vétillard. Developing Smart Card-Based Applications using Java Card. Smart Card Research and Applications (CARDIS’98), vol. 1820 of LNCS, 2000.
  • Eric Vétillard. Constraint Logic Programs with Declarations: Theory and Implementation. ICLP Workshop: Verification and Analysis of (Concurrent) Logic Languages 1994

Industrial conferences on Java Card

  • Eric Vétillard. New Security Issues Related to Embedded Web Servers. e-Smart’09, Sophia Antipolis, September 2009.
  • Anki Nelaturu and Eric Vétillard. Step-by-step Development of an Application for the Java Card 3.0 Platform. JavaOne’09, San Francisco, June 2009.
  • Eric Vétillard. A Comparison of Access Control on Mobile Application Frameworks. Smart Mobility, Sophia Antipolis, September 2008.
  • Anki Nelaturu, Eric Vétillard, and Bela Gangal. Getting Started with the Java Card 3.0 Platform. JavaOne’08, San Francisco, June 2008.
  • Eric Vétillard, Saqib Ahmad, and Florian Tournier. Next Generation Java Card Technology For Secure Mobile Applications. JavaOne’07, San Francisco, May 2007.
  • Eric Vétillard. Deploying Security-Sensitive Mobile Applications. SIM Summit’07, Prague, April 2007.
  • Eric Vétillard, Pierre Paradinas, and Gilles Grimaud. Measuring the Performance of the Java Card Platform. JavaOne’06, San Francisco, May 2006.
  • Eric Vétillard. New White Card Schemes and Java Card Technology. JavaOne’06, San Francisco, May 2006.
  • Eric Vétillard. Common Criteria, Protection Profile, Platform Evaluation. Smart University’05, Java Card Track, Sophia Antipolis, September 2005.
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  • Eric Vétillard. Enforcing Security Policies on Java Card Applications. Cartes’03, Paris, November 2003.
  • Eric Vétillard and Renaud Marlet. Enforcing Portability and Security Policies on Java Card Applications. e-Smart’03, Sophia Antipolis, September 2003.
  • Eric Vétillard. Applying Issuer Security Policies to Java Card Environment Applications. JavaOne’03, San Francisco, June 2003.
  • Eric Vétillard. Automated Validation of Java Card Applications. Cartes’02, Paris, November 2002.
  • Eric Vétillard. Secure and efficient design of Shared Java Card Code. Java Card Developer Day 2001, at Cartes’01, Paris, November 2001.
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  • Eric Vétillard. Update on the J2ME Platform: The Java Card API and Wireless. JavaOne’00, San Francisco, March 2000.
  • Eric Vétillard. Java Card 2.1. Gemplus Developer Conference (GDC’99), Paris, June 1999.
  • Eric Vétillard. Java Card 2.1 Advanced Techniques. JavaOne’99, San Francisco, June 1999.
  • Eric Vétillard. Developing Smart Card-Based Java Card Applications. JavaOne’98, San Francisco, March 1998.

Related work

This work is not directly on smart cards, but it is mostly about the security of mobile devices, or about the analysis of mobile applications; two things that are closely related to smart cards.

  • Eric Vétillard. Contract Enforcement For Embedded Java Technology Programs. JavaOne’07, San Francisco, May 2007.
  • Eric Vétillard. S3MS: Enforcing Security in Pervasive Computing. AmI.d’06, Sophia Antipolis, September 2006.
  • Eric Vétillard and Alexandre Frey. Trust Frameworks: From Devices to Applications. Cassis’05, Nice, March 2005.
  • Eric Vétillard. Automated Analysis of Mobile Applications. JavaOne’04, San Francisco, March 2004.