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Uh oh, Google just stopped updating my kids’ phones

So, Google has revoked Huawei’s Android license. Huawei’s new phones won’t get any of the nice Google features like Google’s store, Gmail, and more. But also, all existing Huawei phones will stop receiving updates from Google. What? This includes my kids’ Honor-branded phones, and as far as I know, a significant portion of the kids […]

Some people don’t like phone security

It seems that FBI isn’t able to perform smudge attacks very well. Apparently, they have been defeated by Android’s “pattern lock” on a Samsung phone. Well, my friends must be smarter than the FBI, because both of the guys who tried to defeat my pattern lock using a smudge attack succeeded. The fun part is […]

Java Card is 15 years old

I just realized that I missed Java Card’s 15th birthday. This birthday was sometime in the end of October, 1996. I don’t have the exact date, because the only document I have is the Java Card API: Specification of the Java Virtual Machine and Application Programmer’s Interface, version 0.13, dated October 10, 1996. Although this […]

GoogleIO suggestions for new NFC apps

GoogleIO is happening right now in San Francisco. On the agenda, there has been (only?) one talk on NFC in the Android track. During this talk, the speakers gave an introduction to NFC technology, but for someone who knows the basics on NFC, the most interesting parts were the demos, showing interesting NFC applications. But […]

Amazon does little shifts

So, Amazon is launching an online music service, where you can store your music on their servers and then stream it to your devices. This is impressive, and as mentioned by some, we are getting closer to the mythical GDrive. Amazon’s announcement gives us a very cheap online storage: by just buying one album on […]

Android malware better, still accessible

I have been lazily looking at the latest Android piece of malware these past few days, until a tweet written this afternoon by @cryptax: Disagree with http://bit.ly/hq5J6H on raising entry fee of #android dev: organized gangs will still pay. Genuine individuals no. It sure sounded to me that I agreed with Axelle, and not only […]

Android as an application platform

Android and iPhone have in common the fact that they define an operating system, an application execution platform, an applicatoin development platform, an application distribution framework, and probably many things that I forget. This consistent and wholesome experience probably participates to their success, but it also makes the analysis more difficult. The recent announcement of […]

Android Malware, Permissions, and Side Channels

New Android malware keeps popping up, and the latest one to be publicly discussed is very typical of what we are seeing these days. And frankly, I haven’t found them very impressive. In short, the attack consists in recording phone calls, identifying calls to credit card support lines, then analyzing the recording to identify the […]

LG Thinq and smart appliances

Beside Motorola’s Atrix 4G and the many tablets, one of the very nice announcements of CES is LG’s Thinq, with significant press coverage. Connecting home appliances sounds kind of obvious, and the ubiquitous availability of smartphones and tablets makes it even more obvious. I have many times left my clean laundry sit in the washer […]

Schmidt on Android and NFC: A dream come true

Yesterday, at the Web 2.0 Summit, Eric Schmidt started his “discussion” with Tim O’Reilly and John Battelle by Android and NFC. And what he said about the technology is like a dream for many NFC stakeholders, who have been waiting for signals from big players. First, the upcoming Nexus S will support NFC. This is […]