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Android malware hype

There is no better publicity for a security company than a good scare. Apparently, some guys at Smobile are taking publicity seriously. They have published a report entitled Threat Analysis of the Android Market, which got them some news coverage. The report includes some pretty scary statements, like: 3% of all of the Market submissions […]

Android fragmentation

Things are starting to get ugly on the Android fragmentation front. Worse yet, I just got hit by the problem with my good ol’ Touch (about one year old, i.e., an antique by Android standards). A good friend just pointed to stickybits, a promising service (at least if you are not in the NFC industry) […]

Unleashing Android on a Nook

Using an open system to develop a closed device is nothing new, and it is working. We can therefore hardly call Barnes&Noble innovators for basing their Nook e-book reader on the Android operating system. In another community, opening closed devices (and especially those that run on an open system) is also a well-known sport, and […]

The Android SE war has started …

These days, Android is a bit of a hot topic, for many reasons that we all know. It seems that a new device is released every week, the operating system is open source, so everybody can at least play with it and integrate low-level software, applications can be deployed, and most likely much more. Android […]

Back from (unconnected) vacation: Android on the beach

I have been traveling for the past two weeks, including a week of vacation on the beaches of Tunisia, without any connectivity (no WiFi, no data roaming). That all seemed perfect for a vacation; after all, who needs e-mail on the beach? Well, everything would have been perfect, but then Android played me bad tricks. […]

HTC Magic: A nice Android workout application

One of the cool applications of having a GPS in your phone is that I can map your bike rides, and then try to figure out where I took a wrong turn. I live in a semi-urban area with lots of woods, and lots of tracks in these woods, not all of them present on […]

HTC Magic, Month 1: Still not an iPhone

I guess that the title says it all. After a few weeks, the conclusion is simple: The HTC Magic is not an iPhone, and it lacks a few things. That may sound like a good thing for Apple, but I am not sure that things are that simple. First, let’s come back to the issues […]

HTC Magic, Month 1: Back to geek world

After a few days of enthusiasm, I stopped sharing my thoughts about the HTC Magic. What happened? Two things. First, there was work, eating my time. And then, there was something else, that seems to happen to all the Android phone owners I know: I downloaded the SDK. So what? Well, I started programming something, […]

Android security from a user’s point of view

I have loaded a few applications on my Magic phone, and this has allowed me to test some of the security features from the end user’s point of view. When I install an application, the screen displays a few warnings, indicating the privileges/permissions requested by the application. Let’s consider a small example, based on Google’s […]

HTC Magic: Day 2

A hands-on experience with a new Android-based HTC Magic from SFR. Also, uses of applications Twitroid and Qype