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Android as an application platform

Android and iPhone have in common the fact that they define an operating system, an application execution platform, an applicatoin development platform, an application distribution framework, and probably many things that I forget. This consistent and wholesome experience probably participates to their success, but it also makes the analysis more difficult. The recent announcement of […]

Live from JavaOne: Java Card and Smart Meters

The funny thing about this presentation is that I have first been invited to attend the e-Smart version of it (this week as well, in Sophia Antipolis). When I declined, they told me that the same talk was given at JavaOne, so here I am. From Onzo’s Tim Holley and Oracle’s Jean-Yves Bitterlich, this is […]

Mobile applications may be dangerous

That’s a question that I have been asking myself for quite a while. How dangerous can a mobile application be? How can it be made more dangerous? Or less dangerous? Here’s a grabbag from Internet today. First, the good side, with two Microsoft articles pointed by Bruce Schneier: The first one is about the authorization […]

Android fragmentation

Things are starting to get ugly on the Android fragmentation front. Worse yet, I just got hit by the problem with my good ol’ Touch (about one year old, i.e., an antique by Android standards). A good friend just pointed to stickybits, a promising service (at least if you are not in the NFC industry) […]

Waiting for NFC (or not)

RATP has been working for a while on the future deployment of their Navigo transport cards over NFC phones. Such a move perfectly makes sense for a utility company, since card issuance is a pure cost for them, so dematerialization sounds good. One of the promises of such a deployment is over-the-air renewal of monthly […]

HTC Magic: A nice Android workout application

One of the cool applications of having a GPS in your phone is that I can map your bike rides, and then try to figure out where I took a wrong turn. I live in a semi-urban area with lots of woods, and lots of tracks in these woods, not all of them present on […]

HTC Magic, Month 1: Back to geek world

After a few days of enthusiasm, I stopped sharing my thoughts about the HTC Magic. What happened? Two things. First, there was work, eating my time. And then, there was something else, that seems to happen to all the Android phone owners I know: I downloaded the SDK. So what? Well, I started programming something, […]

Application store competition becomes hot

I recently found interesting the fact that Vodafone planned to launch a multi-platform application store, which I believe introduces real competitions in these stores. Before that, all other application stores were mono-platform, including Qualcomm’s, of coure dedicated to the Brew platform. This particular application store is far from new, and it has been quite a […]

Real competition on app stores

Seeing one phone manufacturer after another announce their application store was starting to become boring, until Vodafone announced their own app store. Of course, the obvious reason why this is different is that Vodafone is an operator, not a phone manufacturer. This means that we are going out of boring silos, with a more interesting […]

Distributing mobile applications (again)

I like to see my favorite news source agree with me. This time, it is Wired.com, who published a Top-10 list of 2008 technology breakthroughs, topped by … the iTunes Application Store. Of course, one of the reasons why I like this choice is that I own a compatible device, but it is not the […]