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Twitter going feudal on security

I have recently experienced security issues with Twitter, as my account was in some way hacked. And I am not happy of the way Twitter handles this situation. First, here are the facts that I know: Two weeks ago, a got an e-mail from a colleague warning me that he just received a spam Direct […]

Chip to Cloud, day 2: NFC authentication in the cloud

This is a presentation from Gemalto’s Maurizio Divona, delivered by her colleague Virgine Galindo. It starts from cloud authentication, where strong authentication typically happens with tokens that need to be distributed by service providers. The idea is of course to use NFC technology to simplify this, which would allow the use of strong authentication in […]

Chip to Cloud, day 1: Now, cloud TSM

A presentation by Thian Yee, from Cassis (a Safran Morpho company). TSMs are moving from 1-1 relationships to n-n relationships. The challenges they face are related to customer experience, which must be very simple and consistent; flexibility and scalability, as demand is very variable, depending on product launches, with unsustainable peak demand; and finally, regulatory […]

Chip to Cloud, day 1: Cloud security panel

A few bits from Helmut Scherzer, from G&D: The digital natives don’t want to escape the Web. We went from visual Web to the social Web, and they will go to the next step with the semantic web, where knowledge is well classified and organized. big companies are very big. The CEO of Toshiba estimatee […]

Cloud (mis)authentication

I just read an amazing and chilling story about cloud authentication and hacking. Some guy just lost a big chunk of his digital life, because cloud authentication is not secure, or maybe even more, because cloud authentication is not enough standardized/regulated/watched. In his case (read the story, I won’t repeat it here, and it is […]

Amazon does little shifts

So, Amazon is launching an online music service, where you can store your music on their servers and then stream it to your devices. This is impressive, and as mentioned by some, we are getting closer to the mythical GDrive. Amazon’s announcement gives us a very cheap online storage: by just buying one album on […]

Live from Oracle OpenWorld: Cloud and Identity

At midday, it is time for a little break in my smart card day, and go listen to an Oracle OpenWorld session. I might as well leverage today’s professional look to blend better into OOW’s suit-dominated crowds. The funny thing is that every OOW session I have seen ended up turning into a blatent advertising […]

Live from JavaOne: Identity for Services in the Cloud

The next talk was about Identity for Services in the Cloud, by Jiandong Guo and Symon Chang. Their focus was to promote their favorite solution, which has been around for a while, and whose objective is to clearly separate authentication from authorization using standards. Their scheme is quite classical: The client gets a SAML token […]