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Protecting your contactless card

As I mentioned in NFC Payments 101, current contactless cards aren’t protected against the simple attack that consists in performing a transaction while your card is in your pocket. Since some models don’t require anything else than tapping the card, the attack is workable. Well, that may change. researchers for the University of Pittsburgh’s RFID […]

The hidden price of smart card security

Our friends from Radboud University made the news again last week, when they got the Best Practical Paper Award at the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy. The most interesting part of this is the background, of course. NXP tried to stop the researchers from publishing the results of their work, and they failed, after […]

Stories remain alive

I recently posted about contactless card security and about voting machines. Well, these two items are still in the news. About contactless card, it seems that the researchers from Radboud University Nijmegen are being sued by NXP in an attempt to avoid the full disclosure of their flaw. The article I linked to contains a […]