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Back to the future

You may have noticed a very small change in this page’s template. The disclaimer at the bottom now mentions “Gemalto”. For those of you who may not know, Gemalto has acquired 100% of Trusted Logic shares on September 7, 2009. I will definitely not comment on that operation, and I will just redirect you to […]

We now have a phone

LG electronics has added support for Smart Card Web Servers in their latest phone model, the Renoir. Gemalto has jumped on the occasion to communicate about it. LG has a mini-site about their new phone (a pretty cool one, actually), but it does not mention this feature there. If you find a mention of Smart […]

Java Card 3.0 got its first Sesames award!

Today marks the beginning of our annual fair, when the entire smart card industry gathers in Paris for the Cartes event. Like usual, this event started with the Sesames award, and this year, Gemalto only got one (usually, they get several). But this Sesames is not like the previous ones, because it is named Smart […]

Gemalto, Keycorp, and Multos

A few years back, Keycorp has been a member of the Java Card Forum, before to focus exclusively on Multos. Today, Gemalto is buying the Multos activity from Keycorp, together with their customer base, mostly in Asia. This is a sad way to celebrate the 10 years of Multos, which was a well-designed smart card […]