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The misuse of bytecode verification

Bytecode verification has been an interesting debate since the very beginning of Java Card. Back then, in 1997, Java was very much about Java applets, and the bytecode verifier was the essential piece of software that allowed untrusted code to run in a browser efficiently (i.e., without doing expensive runtime checks, and without having to […]

Open Source, GlobalPlatform, and Java Card

The two concepts of open source and smart cards have not gone well together. There are some projects about specific applications and corresponding terminal-side software, such as the Muscle project for Linux, and the JMRTD library for e-passports (if you have one that you want me to mention, let me know). However, there are really […]

Live from #esmart: GlobalPlatform 3 roadmap

GlobalPlatform is evolving, but it is very closely linked to Java Card, as it provides the deployment standard that Java Card needs to manage its applications. GlobalPlatform is evolving, and the next specification (GP3) is under way. It will target the next generation of cards, and some of it has already been published in the […]