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Google’s vision of Secure Elements

Google has launched its Google Wallet service, which uses a secure element in the phone to provide some security. Of course, Java card is in every one of these secure elements, but it is not the point today. I have just stumbled upon the Google Wallet page. Initially, I was looking for information about how […]

GoogleIO suggestions for new NFC apps

GoogleIO is happening right now in San Francisco. On the agenda, there has been (only?) one talk on NFC in the Android track. During this talk, the speakers gave an introduction to NFC technology, but for someone who knows the basics on NFC, the most interesting parts were the demos, showing interesting NFC applications. But […]

Hadopi, Google, and a few illegal things

We European have strange laws. The French Hadopi law is a law that is intended to protect copyright owners against big bad teenage copiers. That law has been voted, and it is in the process of being enacted. Of course, it won’t work; such laws just don’t work. ReadWriteWeb has published an article about Hadopi […]

Google ads in Java Card 3 ?

You may have noticed that I have added Google Ads to this blog. Well, it’s the crisis, and you never know, it may bring in a few extra bucks. Of course, I know that I don’t have millions of readers, so this is not the only motivation. I have been busy in the past week […]

What happened since 2001?

To celebrate its birthday, Google is giving us he opportunity to search the Web as it was in 2001. So, let’s try to catch a few differences. The Web has grown. In 2001, when searching for my last name, 9 out of 10 entries in the first page were about me. Today, it is only […]