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Fiction (maybe): Who will refuse to break a secure element?

Apple is refusing to break an iPhone for the FBI. I believe that they are right to do so, but also that this position isn’t that easy to stand for everybody. So, here is a little fiction (well, I think it is fiction) about this. The iPhone is a secure device, so the best way […]

About PIN, the iPhone is about 20 years behind smart cards

I was astonished when I read this article on breaking the iPhone PIN. Some guy has built a device that can guess your iPhone PIN, and he is using a very old trick that was performed on cards years ago. Of course, the exercise is pointless; as noted in the original article, Apple can (will) […]

Did Apple just boost mobile security?

I have been working on mobile security for many years, and things haven’t moved much: justifying mobile security is always painful. Whyshould Ispend more money? There aren’t that many attacks! Some business use cases seemed like a good justification, but the economics are unclear and remain in the order of “if youget hacked, it could […]

A new use for the (micro) SIM?

One of the numerous articles from Wired commenting Apple’s new iPad is about its SIM card. Rather than using traditional SIM cards, they will be using a Micro-SIM form factor, which is slightly smaller than a traditional SIM card. Wired claims that the intention behind the change is to force customers to buy two SIM […]

iPhone worm: good news or bad news?

Well, Apple is everywhere in the news these days … I really enjoyed the news of the first iPhone worm being unleashed in Australia. The question I ask today is: how bad is that news? It sure sounds bad at first. worms are not the kind of beasts that we want to see on our […]