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LG Thinq and smart appliances

Beside Motorola’s Atrix 4G and the many tablets, one of the very nice announcements of CES is LG’s Thinq, with significant press coverage. Connecting home appliances sounds kind of obvious, and the ubiquitous availability of smartphones and tablets makes it even more obvious. I have many times left my clean laundry sit in the washer […]

Live from Cardis 2010: Where is our smart card AppStore?

UPDATED: Added slideshare link. Here is a transcript of my invited presentation at Cardis2010, or at least the things that I thought about before getting there. The slides are available on SlideShare.

Why do we need personal servers? Facebook.

I just read a very impressive speech by Eben Moglen. Here is an excerpt that is music to the ears of people supporting personal Web servers: What do we need? We need a really good webserver you can put in your pocket and plug in any place. In other words, it shouldn’t be any larger […]

The Android SE war has started …

These days, Android is a bit of a hot topic, for many reasons that we all know. It seems that a new device is released every week, the operating system is open source, so everybody can at least play with it and integrate low-level software, applications can be deployed, and most likely much more. Android […]

Live from J1: The PlaySIM Project

The PlaySIM project is about using a SunSPOT device as a Java Card 3.0-enabled SIM card. It is a collaboration between Sun and Telenor, and as far as I know, it is the first experiment based on Java Card 3.0 performed by a mobile operator. The interest of this project is to combine the expressive […]

Can Java Card pull the trick twice?

About 10 years ago, the first major issuers started many pilots and experiments based on Java Card 2.1 technology. Visa was pushing the technology actively, and many others were showing strong interest. Of course, Sun was also very active, pushing its Java technology into a new market that had the potential of putting them in […]

Java Card @ JavaOne

I worked on my JavaOne slides today, and I searched for the “java card” keyword on the conference catalog. It returned 6 references, all of course related to Java Card 3.0. And on top of it, the content is rather diverse. Of course, you will get a few basic talks: Step-by-Step Development of an Application […]

JC301-4: Where are the differences?

[Corrected April 9, 2009: more mentions of Classic, added a conclusion] You have been warned in the previous posts. The Connected Edition of Java Card 3.0 is very different from Java Card 2.x. But, how exactly are these two versions different? Well, there are differences at all levels, from the virtual machine to the application […]

Google ads in Java Card 3 ?

You may have noticed that I have added Google Ads to this blog. Well, it’s the crisis, and you never know, it may bring in a few extra bucks. Of course, I know that I don’t have millions of readers, so this is not the only motivation. I have been busy in the past week […]

My promotional video

The Java Card Forum has just posted a promotional video for Java Card 3, featuring me. Not much new to learn, just in video.