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JC301-3: Connected vs. Classic

After a month of silence, just a quick post to restart the tutorial thing, about the two editions of Java Card 3.0. Two editions As mentioned earlier, Java Card 2.x represents 5 billion cards today, and over a billion are issued each year. This represents a very significant part of the smart card business in […]

Smart University (again)

We will be giving another version of the Smart University training on Java Card 3.0 at the beginning of April in Paris. The presenters will not be the same ones as for the previous training session, but I will still be part of the show, with more focus on security than the previous time. This […]

Another Java Card 3.0 Sesames award !

This edition of Cartes definitely is a good one for Java Card 3.0. After Gemalto, it is now Oberthur Technologies’ turn to get a Sesames for a product based on Java Card 3.0. This time, it is a SIM oriented product, which Oberthur describes as follows (in French): Sésame de la meilleure application Mobile, GIGANTIC […]

Java Card 3.0 got its first Sesames award!

Today marks the beginning of our annual fair, when the entire smart card industry gathers in Paris for the Cartes event. Like usual, this event started with the Sesames award, and this year, Gemalto only got one (usually, they get several). But this Sesames is not like the previous ones, because it is named Smart […]

Live from e-Smart’s stage: Sun’s view on Java Card

It is the last day of e-Smart, and I am on the stage, in the Java Card 3.0 session. Brian Kowal, is Sun’s latest marketing person for Java Card, and he is giving the keynote. Here are a few snippets from his presentation. First, a few numbers (I always have problems getting up-to-date numbers, so […]

Java Card 3 products?

I have received a comment on a previous post asking when Gemalto may release their Java Card 3 cards. Of course, I don’t have the information (I don’t work for Gemalto), and I doubt that anybody who would have this information would be allowed to publish it on a blog anyway. I can tell that […]

JC301-2: Why change Java Card?

I have recented commented on the fact that parts of the Multos specification have not evolved since August 1997. Java Card was then at its 1.0 version, and in 10 years, has known 3 major releases: 2.0 introduced the new framework, 2.1 made it mature by defining binary-level interoperability, and 2.2 added a few missing […]

JC301-1: Introducing Java Card 3.0

Foreword: The JC101 tutorial about Java Card 2 is getting closer to the end, now dealing with the subtleties of cryptography, testing, and other difficult tasks. As progress may slow to a crawl, it is time to start discussing the technology that actually started this blog, Java Card 3. – o – Your first program […]

Get trained on Java Card 3

This year’s session on smart card software at Smart University is entitled The Art of Java Card 3.0 Programming. A bit pompous, possibly, but this remains by far the best offer you can think of today in terms of generic training on Java Card 3. In that event, you will get an introductory session by […]