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Live from #esmart: Fault attacks on Java Card 3.0

That talk, from Guillaume Barbu, an Oberthur and Telecom ParisTech Ph.D. student, really talks to me, by bringing together two of my favorite discussion topics. The main task is about combined attacks, which sounds really good. A Java Card 3.0 card has plenty of countemreasures against logical attacks Context isolation. Objects from an application can’t […]

Live from #esmart: GlobalPlatform 3 roadmap

GlobalPlatform is evolving, but it is very closely linked to Java Card, as it provides the deployment standard that Java Card needs to manage its applications. GlobalPlatform is evolving, and the next specification (GP3) is under way. It will target the next generation of cards, and some of it has already been published in the […]

Live from Smart Event: Java Card 3.0 objectives

Last night, I was preparing an introduction for the Smart University session on Java Card 3.0, and I was looking for Java Card Forum material that would somehow prove how early the work started on that topic. I was expecting something around 2003-2004. I first noticed that in 2004, we already had a first architecture […]

Live from J1: Java Card 3.0 on embedded devices

Here is the first presentation about Java Card 3.0, and it highlights something new: how Java Card 3.0 can be used on embedded systems outside of the smart card world. The basic idea is that small embedded systems are faced with a big dilemma: if they use a simple runtime OS, there is no application […]

On the road again

You may have noted that I have switched back to this blog’s original title, On the road to Bandol. This original title comes from the fact that Bandol was the codename chosen by Sun for the Java Card release that became 3.0, combined with the fact that, for me, Bandol is quite close to home; […]