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Live from Cardis2010: Combined attacks on Java Card

I just made my second presentation at Cardis2010, about combined attacks on Java Card (joint work with Anthony Ferrari, now in charge of these things at Trusetd Labs). Sorry, no “public” slides this time, this is related to security evaluation. Interestingly, the current presenter is Guillaume Barbu, from Oberthur, who is presenting an interesting attack […]

What does advertising say about smart cards?

In a recent blog post, Matt Asay looks at the advertising that Google associates to various products, including open source products. His conclusion is that open source is about productivity, since most advertisements that Google associates with queries on “open source” or on open source product names are related to the efficient use of open […]

Can Java Card pull the trick twice?

About 10 years ago, the first major issuers started many pilots and experiments based on Java Card 2.1 technology. Visa was pushing the technology actively, and many others were showing strong interest. Of course, Sun was also very active, pushing its Java technology into a new market that had the potential of putting them in […]

Java Card, by Oracle?

It seems that Oracle is buying Sun. This must be great news for some guys in the Java EE side of the Sun, as well as for a bunch of server specialists. Client-side Java people, focused on consumer devices, must be more worried about the move; they were already not really dominant within Sun, and […]

JC101-18C: Defining a secure channel from scratch

In the few coming posts, we will define a secure channel protocol from scratch as an example, and provide an implementation for it. This example will also be used as a way to introduce the cryptographic mechanisms that exist in Java Card. Be careful, this is not a tutorial on cryptography. I am not a […]

Live from e-Smart: Nijmegen strikes again

Wojciech Mostowski is a researcher from the Radboud University Nijmegen, and he is a frequent speaker at e-Smart. He even wa a finalist for the Java Card Forum a while ago. He has been spending years looking very closely at the Java Card specifications, trying to find issues in cards. Today, he is getting at […]

Large Card Collider

Today, CERN’S Large Hadron Collider has started working for the first time. It is not collecting data yet, but when it will, it will generate 300 Gb/second, requiring a significant amount of computing resources. This raw input will be filtered locally into a more reasonable stream of 300Mb/second. That stream will be again processed at […]