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JavaOne day 0: Strategy keynote

It’s Sunday afternoon in San Francisco, and time to get to work, after a nice bike ride. The first part has been the ride up Nob Hill to the Masonic Center, and that’s been hard. Once seated, we got a lot of news, but most of them not that new. Java ME 3.2, with its […]

The end of JavaOne 2010

So, that’s it, JavaOne is fnished for me. It has been quite dense, with many sessions and a few interesting discussions. It leaves me with mixed feelings, though. On the good side, Oracle has shown some commitment to a Java roadmap, and this enormous conference has proven that Oracle plays at a different level; this […]

Live from JavaOne: Call and Pay with Java

This talk is about the Mobile Telephony API (JSR-253) and Payment API (JSR 229) that can be added to MIDP/MSA phones. These JSR’s have been defined by Siemens/BenQ, and there were left in IP limbo after the demise of the company. Apparently, this transition time is over, work has resumed on these JSR’s, and they […]