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Did Apple just boost mobile security?

I have been working on mobile security for many years, and things haven’t moved much: justifying mobile security is always painful. Whyshould Ispend more money? There aren’t that many attacks! Some business use cases seemed like a good justification, but the economics are unclear and remain in the order of “if youget hacked, it could […]

Convenience vs. Security vs. (Perceived) Security

Yesterday, @poulpita tweeted a link to a blog explaining that convenience keeps winning against security. The main argument in this blog is about iOS6’s Passbook, which can store credit card numbers, for your convienience. The reasoning goes on with a comparison of the security merits of a credit card number stored on Passbook and a […]

Google’s vision of Secure Elements

Google has launched its Google Wallet service, which uses a secure element in the phone to provide some security. Of course, Java card is in every one of these secure elements, but it is not the point today. I have just stumbled upon the Google Wallet page. Initially, I was looking for information about how […]

Mobile Trust, from M-Pesa to Bump

Mobile banking in Africa is becoming a well-known example of how technical and business innovation can benefit poor people around the world (on NPR, for isntance). Such systems now existing in other countries, but they are all more or less based on the same technical and business models. On the technical side, these financial applications […]

Schmidt on Android and NFC: A dream come true

Yesterday, at the Web 2.0 Summit, Eric Schmidt started his “discussion” with Tim O’Reilly and John Battelle by Android and NFC. And what he said about the technology is like a dream for many NFC stakeholders, who have been waiting for signals from big players. First, the upcoming Nexus S will support NFC. This is […]

Mobile security remains flaky on smartphone apps

With my colleagues, I have been looking at the security of mobile applications for a few years, and in most cases, I have been amazed at the lack of security in these applications. Most mobile developers simply don’t seem to care. A security and forensics company has recently looked into mobile applications, and got some […]

Live from JavaOne: Call and Pay with Java

This talk is about the Mobile Telephony API (JSR-253) and Payment API (JSR 229) that can be added to MIDP/MSA phones. These JSR’s have been defined by Siemens/BenQ, and there were left in IP limbo after the demise of the company. Apparently, this transition time is over, work has resumed on these JSR’s, and they […]

What about iCharge?

Well, it seems that I was wrong on Europe and swiping. A European company is getting ready to launch iCharge, which looks like a clone of Square for many of its features: small card swiper, on-screen signature, location-based, … They don’t mention pictures and loyalty, but I guess that it’s coming next. The questions about […]

Magstripe: 1. Chip: -1

Being from the smart card industry, I usually don’t spend much time looking at things that work better by swiping cards than by using a good old smart card. Then, a few minutes ago, I looked at the promotional video for the Square payment service. Well, it’s definitely worth watching. The basic idea is to […]

Nokia Money

When I am at work, I get this feeling that mobile payment always uses NFC. Nokia supports NFC, but they are not going to wait a few more years for this technology to be widely available. So, here comes Nokia Money, a mobile payment service that works with the Obopay platform (a company in which […]