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SMS-based 2-factor: Good or Bad?

Wired published recently an article about how SMS-based 2-factor authentication is not good. This article is making a buzz, and an article appeared on that topic in Fortune. The basis for these articles is that SMS-based authentication is not associated to something you have (your phone), but with something you are loosely associated to (your […]

The Personal Web

Doc Searls’ latest post points to a post by Louis Ray defining the third wave of the Web (a.k.a. Web 3.0) as the Personal Web. The value of the first wave was in the information itself (static Web, a.k.a. Web 1.0); the value of the second wave was in the sharing of information (social web, […]

The end of JavaOne 2010

So, that’s it, JavaOne is fnished for me. It has been quite dense, with many sessions and a few interesting discussions. It leaves me with mixed feelings, though. On the good side, Oracle has shown some commitment to a Java roadmap, and this enormous conference has proven that Oracle plays at a different level; this […]

Almost live from JavaOne: Trends for Mobile Java

I attended three more sessions that I didn’t cover in specific posts today. One of them, by Terence Barr, about rich applications and services for the mobile masses; an advertising session from Blackberry about their developer offer, and of course, the opening keynote from Thomas Kurian (EVP from Oracle, in charge of Java?). These sessions […]

Here and Now !

Ajit Jaokar has published a post on Mobile Cloud Computing, in which he asks some questions about mobile computing. I found his questions very interesting, so here are my answers (I kept them short, but I will try to develop some things later): a) Is ‘mobile cloud computing’ a distinct domain in itself? Or is […]

Racing the neighborhood

For years, I have wanted to use a racing game that would provide realistic driving in my neighborhood. Well, The first game like that is coming soon on Ovi Store. This is a 2D top view, which reminds me of the original GTA (I loved that game, even though it didn’t have the 3D experience […]

The Leyio PSD

The mobile security community already know about PTDs (personal trusted devices), but do we know about, but until very recently, I didn’t know what a PSD was. It seemed obvious from the ad I received from one of my favorite e-commerce sites, so I looked up the device. The Leyio has been launched a few […]

Back to work with a cool gadget

It’s been a while … In the meantime, a good vacation, with no WiFi connectivity and the perfect excuse to leave the laptop in its bag and enjoy the sun and the sea. So, unlike last year, no multiple tutorial entries. Back at home and at work this week, and slowly adapting to this new […]

Is there really a need to support unconnected modes?

The fact that we are sometimes unconnected is a strong motivation behind local Web servers like Java Card 3.0. I have sometimes doubted that, claiming that our world is becoming increasingly connected. I am just back from JavaOne, and my major headache during that trip has been connectivity (yes, this was a trip to San […]

Live from J1: Sun launches a Java app store

Way after Apple, and after Google, Nokia and Vodafone, Sun is launching an app store. Of course, it is an app store with a few twists: First, it is a warehouse. It means that Sun’s objective is to help others build actual stores. So, Sun will take care of the application screening and selection, and […]