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Experimenting NFC, things

Following my little NFC rants, I have kept on experimenting with Android NFC applications and reading about the Internet of Things (experimenting remains harder, here). The combination is trendy these days, as this week will see the launch of a new initiative in France with the French chapter of ACM SIGOPS (in French). I won’t […]

NFC Tags to Empower Users in The Internet of Everything Else

Here is a continuation to my ramblings about the solely private use of NFC tags. I have already mentioned that there would be many benefits in considering some tags as public goods, and now, I wll focus on tags to be associated to things, as owned by companies or individuals. I have pompously called this […]

NFC tags as Public Goods

I have now seen a number of NFC applications, and they all have something in common: they consider their tags as a private and exclusive property. They believe that they will be the only application using this tag. That may be true in some cases, where tags are deployed inside the premises of a company […]

POPWings is a cool business card, but where is the platform?

UPDATED March 1st, 2013: See follow-up article. I have been quite happy to hear a few weeks ago that Gemalto finally decided to consider NFC as more than secure services, by launching their POPWings service. I immediately ordered one of their business cards, excited to get a new NFC service. So, I got a card […]

Chip to Cloud, day 2: NFC authentication in the cloud

This is a presentation from Gemalto’s Maurizio Divona, delivered by her colleague Virgine Galindo. It starts from cloud authentication, where strong authentication typically happens with tokens that need to be distributed by service providers. The idea is of course to use NFC technology to simplify this, which would allow the use of strong authentication in […]

Chip to Cloud, day 1: Now, cloud TSM

A presentation by Thian Yee, from Cassis (a Safran Morpho company). TSMs are moving from 1-1 relationships to n-n relationships. The challenges they face are related to customer experience, which must be very simple and consistent; flexibility and scalability, as demand is very variable, depending on product launches, with unsustainable peak demand; and finally, regulatory […]

Hijacking NFC Tags

I have been thinking about tags for as a background task for a while, and one of my directions has been to look at the “hijacking” of tags. Here, I am not talking of replacing some tags by other tags (for instance pushing toward a competitor of a smart poster’s rightfful owner), as thie defnitely […]

GoogleIO suggestions for new NFC apps

GoogleIO is happening right now in San Francisco. On the agenda, there has been (only?) one talk on NFC in the Android track. During this talk, the speakers gave an introduction to NFC technology, but for someone who knows the basics on NFC, the most interesting parts were the demos, showing interesting NFC applications. But […]

Q&A: What do NFC NDEF Signature records bring?

Here is another question related to NFC, this time about what I understand of NDEF signatures (could be incomplete). The NFC Forum has recently added the possibility to include a signature record in tags. Adding such a signature can be used to ensure that the content of the tag (say, a URL) has been written […]

Schmidt on Android and NFC: A dream come true

Yesterday, at the Web 2.0 Summit, Eric Schmidt started his “discussion” with Tim O’Reilly and John Battelle by Android and NFC. And what he said about the technology is like a dream for many NFC stakeholders, who have been waiting for signals from big players. First, the upcoming Nexus S will support NFC. This is […]