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We are the cherry on the NFC cake

I love Apple, at least for one thing. Even a rumor on an Apple product yields more articles on a technology than several real product announcements from other vendors. That’s the case for the NFC rumor. There are plenty of articles, including one on The Register that compares Apple to other NFC vendors and recalls […]

Apple news and rumors

Apple is not my usual cup of tea, as there are way enough sites that make a living on Apple rumors. I recently took a look at one of them, Apple Insider, to check on a few things happening there, and I found three interesting articles, all somehow linked to mobile security.

Waiting for NFC (or not)

RATP has been working for a while on the future deployment of their Navigo transport cards over NFC phones. Such a move perfectly makes sense for a utility company, since card issuance is a pure cost for them, so dematerialization sounds good. One of the promises of such a deployment is over-the-air renewal of monthly […]

iPhone and NFC

This week is WIMA’s week, so the NFC community will get all excited with lots of things, hopefully just as exciting for the rest of us. In the meantime, here’s a funny article from The Register. The sad part is that the iPhone is twice as big with the NFC adapter(don’t expect this extension to […]

NFC market in the coming years

Juniper Research has just published a study on Mobile Payments, 2008-2013, which is announced in a press release. The report promises wonderful things, like $75 billion in yearly mobile payments by 2013. The author of the report, Howard Wilcox, is however quite cautious, and he is cited in the press release as saying: Whilst trial […]