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Traffic cameras, legal rules, and accusers

A few days ago, I watched Gone Girl on TV, a story about mounting evidence against an innocent person. And then, I looked at an article about challenging a traffic camera citation (in the US). The link between the two stories is evidence, of course. Traffic camera evidence incriminates a car, not a driver. The […]

Live from #esmart: Security, Privacy and Trust for Web Services

The first presentation of the session about Web and Cards is from Xavier Larduinat, speaking on behalf of Eurosmart (a non-profit organization advocating smart secure devices). His interest is here to look at things from the point of view of the user of a Web service, and to figure out how to get a feeling […]

Are you aware?

I have been looking for a while for interesting location-based mobile services. I have always had the feeling that location is a big hype, and that it is not that easy to build interesting and non-intrusive services (yes, I believe that location-based advertising is intrusive). Mapping is obvious, of course, and finding friends can also […]