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Smart Card Web Server security

UPDATED ON 04/06/10: Additional comments about security requirements Securing Web servers is hard work, as OWASP periodically reminds us. Of course, this applies to smart card web servers, regardless of the underlying technology. I received a comment from someone who noticed that some of the Java Card 3.0 Connected sample applications have really bad security. […]

Cllient issues for Smart Card Web Servers

Just like any other Web server, a Smart Card Web Server (SCWS) depends greatly on the capabilities of its clients. A presentation by Peter-Paul Koch to Google gives a very good overview of the capabilities of the various mobile browsers. What you can read in this presentation is quite sad. There have been many discussions […]

We now have a phone

LG electronics has added support for Smart Card Web Servers in their latest phone model, the Renoir. Gemalto has jumped on the occasion to communicate about it. LG has a mini-site about their new phone (a pretty cool one, actually), but it does not mention this feature there. If you find a mention of Smart […]