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Another Java Card 3.0 Sesames award !

This edition of Cartes definitely is a good one for Java Card 3.0. After Gemalto, it is now Oberthur Technologies’ turn to get a Sesames for a product based on Java Card 3.0. This time, it is a SIM oriented product, which Oberthur describes as follows (in French): Sésame de la meilleure application Mobile, GIGANTIC […]

Java Card 3.0 got its first Sesames award!

Today marks the beginning of our annual fair, when the entire smart card industry gathers in Paris for the Cartes event. Like usual, this event started with the Sesames award, and this year, Gemalto only got one (usually, they get several). But this Sesames is not like the previous ones, because it is named Smart […]