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Mobile Trust, from M-Pesa to Bump

Mobile banking in Africa is becoming a well-known example of how technical and business innovation can benefit poor people around the world (on NPR, for isntance). Such systems now existing in other countries, but they are all more or less based on the same technical and business models. On the technical side, these financial applications […]

A new use for the (micro) SIM?

One of the numerous articles from Wired commenting Apple’s new iPad is about its SIM card. Rather than using traditional SIM cards, they will be using a Micro-SIM form factor, which is slightly smaller than a traditional SIM card. Wired claims that the intention behind the change is to force customers to buy two SIM […]

Live from J1: The PlaySIM Project

The PlaySIM project is about using a SunSPOT device as a Java Card 3.0-enabled SIM card. It is a collaboration between Sun and Telenor, and as far as I know, it is the first experiment based on Java Card 3.0 performed by a mobile operator. The interest of this project is to combine the expressive […]

Do you want a side order with your SIM?

As electronics keep getting smaller and smaller, a SIM card, which once was a very small platform, now starts to become too large for the electronics it hosts. As a consequence, many actors are thinking about adding various add-ons to SIM cards. We have seen quite a few of them lately, so let’s take a […]

Update on Android and the SIM card

One year ago, I blogged on Android security. I recently received a comment asking if my impression had changed now that Android actually exists, even on devices. Well, no. Not at all.