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Chip to Cloud live, day 1: Opening panel on eID in Europe

This is the conference formerly known as e-Smart. Apart from changing its name, the conference has also moved from Sophia Antipolis to Nice. No more bike riding from home to conference this year. However, the new setting at Acropolis is really nice, with a lot of room. To celebrate that, I have decide to attend […]

Smart card security on the radio

Smart card security doesn’t often get on traditional media, so we can all (at least, the French-spaking ones) be happy that France Culture will spend an hour discussing the security of payment cards, trying to provide an answer to the question “Comment améliorer la sécurité des cartes bancaires?“. Among the speakers, we will have Jean-Louis […]

Chip And PIN Is Broken (A Little)

By now, there has been sufficient hype around Ross Anderson’s latest attack on EMV banking cards. Once again, the Cambridge guys have scored a good one here, as the simplicity of the attack is outright incredible: Intercept the PIN Presentation command, make the terminal believe that the PIN is correct (i.e., return Status Word 9000), […]

The Android SE war has started …

These days, Android is a bit of a hot topic, for many reasons that we all know. It seems that a new device is released every week, the operating system is open source, so everybody can at least play with it and integrate low-level software, applications can be deployed, and most likely much more. Android […]

Chip cards for (some) Americans

It seems that the American plastic cards are getting them in trouble, at least when they travel in Europe. Of course, cards without chips still work perfeectly in restaurants, hotels, and stores. However, things are very different at automated machines. If you are in France and you want to pay for underground parking, for renting […]

What does advertising say about smart cards?

In a recent blog post, Matt Asay looks at the advertising that Google associates to various products, including open source products. His conclusion is that open source is about productivity, since most advertisements that Google associates with queries on “open source” or on open source product names are related to the efficient use of open […]

e-Smart is back …

It’s that time of the year when summer turns in to fall (rather violently around here), and when smart card R&D people gather in Sophia Antipolis for the Smart Event. I will be present throughout the week, with quite a busy schedule, between my own participations and the interesting sessions that I want to hear. […]

Smart cards, linux, and tokens

Neowave is getting a lot of media attention, and they are also involved indirectly in an interesting project, Live Token. The idea is to put together a USB token containing a Linux distro and a smart card that will be used to provide security services, for encryption, authentication, and more. The idea definitely looks good: […]