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Live from Smart Event: Java Card 3.0 objectives

Last night, I was preparing an introduction for the Smart University session on Java Card 3.0, and I was looking for Java Card Forum material that would somehow prove how early the work started on that topic. I was expecting something around 2003-2004. I first noticed that in 2004, we already had a first architecture […]

e-Smart is back …

It’s that time of the year when summer turns in to fall (rather violently around here), and when smart card R&D people gather in Sophia Antipolis for the Smart Event. I will be present throughout the week, with quite a busy schedule, between my own participations and the interesting sessions that I want to hear. […]

Smart University (again)

We will be giving another version of the Smart University training on Java Card 3.0 at the beginning of April in Paris. The presenters will not be the same ones as for the previous training session, but I will still be part of the show, with more focus on security than the previous time. This […]

Get trained on Java Card 3

This year’s session on smart card software at Smart University is entitled The Art of Java Card 3.0 Programming. A bit pompous, possibly, but this remains by far the best offer you can think of today in terms of generic training on Java Card 3. In that event, you will get an introductory session by […]