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Resilience for Connected Objects

Attacks occur, especially on IoT. While it is very hard to avoid an attack altogether, we can minimize its consequences. The first factor to consider is the impact of an attack; there are many ways to analyze such impact, for instance from a financial or technical point of view. In a very simple analysis, we […]

The Mobile Trust Manifesto

Mobile computing is at a turning point, as the past few years have seen numerous improvements of the capacities of mobile devices. Here are a few of the main characteristics that have dramatically improved: Personal. Mobile phones are becoming some kind of personal hub, on which all communications means are concentrated, in particular around social […]

Mobile Trust, from M-Pesa to Bump

Mobile banking in Africa is becoming a well-known example of how technical and business innovation can benefit poor people around the world (on NPR, for isntance). Such systems now existing in other countries, but they are all more or less based on the same technical and business models. On the technical side, these financial applications […]

Live from #esmart: Security, Privacy and Trust for Web Services

The first presentation of the session about Web and Cards is from Xavier Larduinat, speaking on behalf of Eurosmart (a non-profit organization advocating smart secure devices). His interest is here to look at things from the point of view of the user of a Web service, and to figure out how to get a feeling […]

Can their users’ trust save operators?

Telecom operators (mobile and Internet, forget about fixed line) are being attacked on all sides. Where Nokia used to be their worst threat, they now have Apple, with their business model that makes them pay while keeping a complete control over their users and their applications. Where they used to provde all basic services to […]