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Experimenting NFC, things

Following my little NFC rants, I have kept on experimenting with Android NFC applications and reading about the Internet of Things (experimenting remains harder, here). The combination is trendy these days, as this week will see the launch of a new initiative in France with the French chapter of ACM SIGOPS (in French). I won’t […]

NFC Tags to Empower Users in The Internet of Everything Else

Here is a continuation to my ramblings about the solely private use of NFC tags. I have already mentioned that there would be many benefits in considering some tags as public goods, and now, I wll focus on tags to be associated to things, as owned by companies or individuals. I have pompously called this […]

Best wishes and post-holiday rant

First, since this is my first post of the year, let me wish you all the best for 2012, hoping that it will bring a lot of interesting things around mobile security, Java Card, and all these things. My first post will be a rant about something that is very-much holiday-related for me: package deliveries. […]

The Personal Web

Doc Searls’ latest post points to a post by Louis Ray defining the third wave of the Web (a.k.a. Web 3.0) as the Personal Web. The value of the first wave was in the information itself (static Web, a.k.a. Web 1.0); the value of the second wave was in the sharing of information (social web, […]

Small steps

After way too much time, I finally upgraded WordPress to a more recent release. I now feel modern and clean. However, the main change is philosophical, as I have changed my way to get revenue. I have removed the Google ads, which were in most cases completely irrelevant, and I have replaced them with a […]

Best Wishes for 2011

A new year is beginning, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have been reading this blog, commenting on it, and basically supporting me throughout these years. Although I have not been very active, the year has been tough, and this blog has brought some support at crucial […]

Schmidt on Android and NFC: A dream come true

Yesterday, at the Web 2.0 Summit, Eric Schmidt started his “discussion” with Tim O’Reilly and John Battelle by Android and NFC. And what he said about the technology is like a dream for many NFC stakeholders, who have been waiting for signals from big players. First, the upcoming Nexus S will support NFC. This is […]

Trust in VRM

I recently read the market RIOT Manifesto, which gives background about an interesting initiative to get back transaction data into the hands of individuals (us). This is really interesting, as there are many things that one can do about such transaction data. I would love to have access to my supermarket bills in an Excel […]

On-demand printing and more …

I just read that Google Books has a deal with a company for on-demand printing of old books. This is interesting in itself, and I am sure that I will be very happy to print a few books that I really would like to have in my library. But the thing that really attracted me […]