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Why do we need personal servers? Facebook.

I just read a very impressive speech by Eben Moglen. Here is an excerpt that is music to the ears of people supporting personal Web servers: What do we need? We need a really good webserver you can put in your pocket and plug in any place. In other words, it shouldn’t be any larger […]

Greetings from China

The Java Card Forum is meeting in China this week. This is a first for me, so I can’t tell how much Beijing has changed in the past 10 or 15 years, because I don’t know how it used to be. So, here is what I have seen (from a very naive point of view): […]

DandyID: good or evil?

By reading Thomas Carlyle’s blog (which has interesting posts, by the way), I found a reference to DandyID, and I checked their site out. The idea of the site is that you will use it as a way to directly access all your sites and/or identities on the Web. What they claim in their blog […]