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Application store competition becomes hot

I recently found interesting the fact that Vodafone planned to launch a multi-platform application store, which I believe introduces real competitions in these stores. Before that, all other application stores were mono-platform, including Qualcomm’s, of coure dedicated to the Brew platform. This particular application store is far from new, and it has been quite a […]

Real competition on app stores

Seeing one phone manufacturer after another announce their application store was starting to become boring, until Vodafone announced their own app store. Of course, the obvious reason why this is different is that Vodafone is an operator, not a phone manufacturer. This means that we are going out of boring silos, with a more interesting […]

iPhone and NFC

This week is WIMA’s week, so the NFC community will get all excited with lots of things, hopefully just as exciting for the rest of us. In the meantime, here’s a funny article from The Register. The sad part is that the iPhone is twice as big with the NFC adapter(don’t expect this extension to […]

Distributing mobile applications (again)

I like to see my favorite news source agree with me. This time, it is Wired.com, who published a Top-10 list of 2008 technology breakthroughs, topped by … the iTunes Application Store. Of course, one of the reasons why I like this choice is that I own a compatible device, but it is not the […]

Distributing mobile applications

As an iPod Touch owner, I was quite happy to learn that I would be able to use my “DS” (as my kids call it) to place a few calls using this application. The most interesting sentence of the article actually comes from a BBC interview of Truphone’s CEO: “We’ve decided to focus on devices […]

Live from Smart Mobility: Application frameworks

Even tough Smart Mobility is very much focused on security, mobile application frameworks are at the heart of the debate. Many speakers, including myself, have more or less compared some features of various mobile application frameworks. Of course, our coverage was quite varied, but the main focus has definitely been on traditional platforms, including Symbian, […]