The tutorial goes public

Those of you who actively monitor what happens on may have noticed in the past few months the existence of a tutorial project that resembles a lot what has been happening on this blog (same author, same content). The tutorial project was started during last year’s JavaOne after chatting with a few “community builders” from Sun, but the project was still not very clear.

Since then, things have (slowly) moved. I have recently started working on the tutorial project again. The main reason for this is that I am writing this step by step, and that it is not the best method for a tutorial. Every time I write something, I realize that I made mistakes in the previous chapters. This is annoying in a blog, because it forces me to revise old entries. This is why, as I add more chapters, it became obvious that this tutorial also needs to live in another form. A separate project also allows me to publish the source code for the project, as well as the binary files.

The jc2tutorial project is in a very early form. Right now, it contains a few pages with copy-pasted content from the tutorial, as well as a few Eclipse projects in the SVN repository. There are many things to do, one of the first being to start putting the content in more structured OpenOffice files.

As mentioned in the project’s home page, I am looking for a bit of help. Proofreading would be interesting, real help would be good, in particular if you specialize in other areas than mine. I will be selective though, because my not so hidden objective with this tutorial is to build material for a book on Java Card. Zhiqun Chen’s book is great, but it is also a few years old. With Java Card 3.0 arriving, the technology deserves a new one.

If you are interested in this project (participant or other), leave me a note here, or on the project’s page.

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