JavaOne is starting

The JavaOne 2008 conference is starting this morning, and Java Card 3 is going to be a part of the show, as the spec has been recently announced. Actually, it started yesterday, in the motivational talk given by Sun to its licensees. Sun mentioned that there were over 6 billions of Java platforms around, and that included 3.5 billion Java Card platforms (now clearly leading the pack), and 2 billion mobile devices. Another claim from Sun was that over 80% of new mobile phones come with Java today. It is certainly true around me, but this sounds quite impressive worldwide.

So, mobility, and the other screens (phone, TV, you-name-it) are going to be at the center of the action. There is at least one reason for that, which is that something, somehow, is going wrong with Java ME at the moment. Nokia used to be a huge supporter of Java; this year, they are present, but they are not sponsoring the event, and they have a small booth (smaller than SonyEricsson or Blackberry). Overall, the “Mobility village” only includes 10 booths: Blackberry, CodeGear, Conversay, ESRI, Motorola, Nokia, SonyEricsson, Sprint, Tele Atlas, and Tricast Media. Well, I will visit them all. And the speakers mentioned that something went wrong in the mobile area. It will be interesting to see what Sun thinks went wrong for them.

One final remark. The licensee motivational speech was given by Jeet Kaul, VP of the Clietn Software Group. Of course, as a client guy, he was talking about “screens”, saying that each technology has its screen, “except Java Card”. Once again, this is the side effect of being associated to a client guy, because two things were wrong in this statement. Of course, Java Card has many screens, all of them in fact, since it is a server technology. And just as obviously, it is not the only Java technology in this position, since Java EE is positioned in exactly the same way.

Well, I guess that everybody at Sun will have to realize that there is also some server code on the client side, and that this definitely enables new application/technology/business models.

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