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This year’s session on smart card software at Smart University is entitled The Art of Java Card 3.0 Programming. A bit pompous, possibly, but this remains by far the best offer you can think of today in terms of generic training on Java Card 3.

In that event, you will get an introductory session by the Chairman of the Java Card Forum’s Technical Committee (yes, that’s me), a reminder of Web technologies by two great teachers from Lille, several sessions about Smart Card Web Servers from Gemalto’s team (so far, the only guys who actually demonstrated something that looked like a Java Card 3 product), and finally, a hands-on session with a guy from Sun who was involved in the development of the Netbeans plug-in for Java Card 3.

This is a unique mix, that you won’t be able to get later from any company, even Trusted Labs, Gemalto, or Sun Microsystems. So come visit the French Riviera on September 16th and 17th (and then, stay for the rest of the week to attend other events like e-Smart).


  • Eric,

    I truly hope that the information presented at this conference will be available in PPT or PDF fomat for others to enjoy. I especially have interest in getting access to the JavaCard 3.0 binaries in order to create some example applications. Is there any reason why the decision was made NOT to disseminate the information/toolkits presented at the conference?

  • About the decision, I am not sure which conference you are talking about. The slides from the JavaOne sessions about Java Card 3 are available, and the Java Card 3 preliminary RI/toolkit has been available for about a month after the conference (it should be back around the end of the year).

    About Smart University, the material is not usually made available as is. It could be the start of a JC201 tutorial, though.

  • Eric,

    I was referring to the upcoming Smart University conference, not JavaOne.

  • Bruce,

    This is what I feared; Smart University is not as open as JavaOne. I can’t say for now, but I will definitely post something if any material becomes available.

  • Kumar Varun wrote:


    I’m a newbie in Java Card.
    Can i start with JavaCard3.0? and as you said, their is no material from that conference (at least i could not find any yet). So can you suggest me some tutorials to get start with.
    Where and when can i get it’s tool-kit?


  • If you want to start with Java Card 3.0, you will have to wait for the release of the reference implementation.

    About tutorials, I will slowly build one, and I don’t know about anything else.

    You stand much better chances if you start with Java Card 2.2. It is more difficult to grasp at first, but at least, there is plenty of material about it, from books to slideware, tutorials, etc.

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