What happened since 2001?

To celebrate its birthday, Google is giving us he opportunity to search the Web as it was in 2001. So, let’s try to catch a few differences.

  • The Web has grown. In 2001, when searching for my last name, 9 out of 10 entries in the first page were about me. Today, it is only 1 out of 10 (and it related to my thesis work from 15 years ago).
  • Many companies were not around, including Gemalto. Even Axalto was not born yet. Trusted Labs was not around either.
  • Java Card searches have not changed much. Some references like JavaWorld’s articles are getting old, but the search results definitely look familiar
  • Smart card web servers already existed in 2001! Jim Rees, from CITI, implemented a “WebCard” on a Cyberflex.
  • “Java Card 3.0″ was already in the news. Some early believers in two French universities (LIP6 and Avignon) offered master thesis topics on Java Card 3.0. Definitely visionaries.

Well, I could go on forever, but this is enough fun for today.

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