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LG electronics has added support for Smart Card Web Servers in their latest phone model, the Renoir. Gemalto has jumped on the occasion to communicate about it. LG has a mini-site about their new phone (a pretty cool one, actually), but it does not mention this feature there. If you find a mention of Smart Card Web Servers on LG’s site, please let me know.

Even if LG is not talking about it, the news is still good, as it means that Smart Card Web Servers are not going the same way as NFC and USB-SIMs, waiting for years for handsets to support the technology. LG even wants to go further than a single product, as stated in the last interesting sentence of the press release:

Beginning in 2009, LG plans to have the SCWS feature available on most LG HSDPA handsets.

Of course, right now, we have to continue working with SCWS SIM card based on Java Card 2, becaues there is no existing Java Card 3.0 SIM card. So, if you want to see your SIM-based content displayed on a LG Renoir phone, you will need to write your site with byte arrays and other fun things. Good luck!

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