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You may have noticed a very small change in this page’s template. The disclaimer at the bottom now mentions “Gemalto”. For those of you who may not know, Gemalto has acquired 100% of Trusted Logic shares on September 7, 2009. I will definitely not comment on that operation, and I will just redirect you to the official communication for information about the operation and the future of Trusted Logic.

On a very personal view, it feels a bit strange. After leaving Gemplus nine years ago to join the Trusted Logic adventure, after witnessing from the outside the Gemplus-Axalto merger, I am back under the control of a large company, and that feels a bit strange.

As far as I know, I will keep this blog open, and I will keep expressing my personal views about Java Card, mobile security, and a few more things. Just like I didn’t comment/apologize/criticize Trusted Logic’s views in the past, don’t expect me to comment/apologize/criticize Gemalto’s views today.

Trusted Logic (as an independent company) has been quite interesting; it even made me some kind of a security expert, which seemed extremely unlikely back in 2000. Finally, that chapter of Trusted Logic closes with a few realizations and a lot of dreams for the future. Let’s just hope that in the next chapter, Trusted Logic (as a Gemalto subsidiary) can make some of these things happen, with the support of its parent company.


  • stephane wrote:

    Welcome home;-)
    I never make any comment on your weblog even if I follow your posts from time to time.
    I’m really happy to read from you that you will keep moving forward on your written ideas.
    Maybe a new chance to exchange in this brite opened future.


  • “weird” is a weird word in the context ;) but hey… please keep on maintaining this blog. Even if I never commented any article (likely a good sign), I always found it really interesting. Keep on the good work pal!

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