e-Smart is back …

It’s that time of the year when summer turns in to fall (rather violently around here), and when smart card R&D people gather in Sophia Antipolis for the Smart Event. I will be present throughout the week, with quite a busy schedule, between my own participations and the interesting sessions that I want to hear.

Let me get you a biased timeline for this week, from Tuesday to Friday.

Let’s start by Tuesday:

  • The Java Card 3.0 Programming course at Smart University lasts all Tuesday and Wednesday. My personal contribution in it is about security, on Tuesday afternoon. That should keep me busy for a full half-day.
  • If you are into contests (or if you are broke; this event is free), the new SIMagine contest will be launched with a full-day conference on Tuesday. This is not a Gemalto contest any more, but a wider contest, which is not limited to cards any more (even though I guess that involving a card in this could be a good idea). If you have a good mobile security idea (with a SIM card), that could be of interest.

Wednesday will be very busy, in particular because there are events on the side of the main conferences:

  • In the morning, the Java Card Forum organizes a meeting with academia, to see how we can help in promoting research about Java Card 3.0. This event is invitational, but if you are an academic, present at e-Smart, and you are interested, you are welcome at 10:00AM (I am not sure of the room, but I am sure that there will be an indication; follow the JCF logo).
  • In the morning, I like the title of Jacques Bus’ keynote speech, Trust in digital life. I usually skip keynotes, but I may attend that one.
  • In the afternoon, There are also interesting speeches at e-Smart. First, one of my colleagues, Guillaume Dufay, talking about a formal model of really open cards (old topic, with a new twist), around 3:00PM. Later in the afternoon, there will also be a speech from G&D about a secure runtime in the mobile; finally, Trusted Logic has a competitor in that field, moving forward to prove its interest.
  • Finally, almost all of Smart Mobility‘s afternoon sessions sound interesting, for various reasons. Tough choices ahead …

Thursday will not be dull either, although I will finally be able to fully focus on the conferences:

  • The morning at e-Smart will be a combination of NFC Security and Trusted Personal Devices. Two topics of interest for me, so I may be surfing between sessions.
  • Smart Mobility will bring us some discussions about the NFC ecosystems (TSMs and more), and about user experience. Interesting, but I have the feeling that there a few more new things at e-Smart (I may be wrong, though).
  • The first part of the afternoon is a no-brainer, at least for me. I will be on the stage, talking about Java Card 3.0 and Smart Card Web Server Security. My co-presenters, from Gemalto/Eurosmart and from Inside, will also have interesting speeches about cloud computing and about convergence.
  • If this is not you cup of tea, the other session of e-Smart could be very interesting, about state-of-the-art security. I am likely to join that session after break.
  • On the Smart Mobility side, my choice would go to the Mobile banking session, but mostly because I know about mots of the things presented in the other session.

Friday is morning only, but that is quite a dense morning:

  • At e-Smart, it is the Java Card session. The first part is quite introductive, with the amusing PlaySIM project (already discussed here). The second part includes two speeches about attacks; expect to find me there.
  • In parallel, Smart Mobility has a special TL session, with 4 consecutive speakers from Trusted Logic and Trusted Labs. I may miss some of them because of the Java Card session, but they are all worth it.

Finally, I will try to be connected, like usually in conferences. I will be on Twitter (evetillard), with the tag #esmart (join me using it), and I will also try to blog live about the most exciting things.

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