Back from (unconnected) vacation: Android on the beach

I have been traveling for the past two weeks, including a week of vacation on the beaches of Tunisia, without any connectivity (no WiFi, no data roaming). That all seemed perfect for a vacation; after all, who needs e-mail on the beach?

Well, everything would have been perfect, but then Android played me bad tricks. Google pushed version 1.6 of the software on my phone before I left. I accepted the upgrade, mostly because I felt that I had no choice, and it turned out to be a bad decision.

I wanted to keep track of my morning strolls on the beach, watching the sun rise before my kids woke up. And then, my favorite application would not work. Worse than that, after a while (between five and fifteen minutes), my phone would simply reboot. I was amazed, because it was the first time that an application crashed on my Android device.

That’s when the lack of connectivity became annoying. Because of the severity of the problem, I was quite convinced that somebody had done something about it, most likely the Sportypal guys. But whatever they did, I could not access it.

But not everything is bad with the phone. I have been able to record a few minutes of wave sounds. Although it is not perfect, I expected it to be worse. HTC’s camera is not entirely bad either, as I have been able to take a few nice pictures of the sun rising (see page for pictures and links).

Here is a picture taken in Hammamet, and another one taken on an undisclosed location in the USA. Although not perfect, I have been positively impressed by the colors, which look quite real.

Hammamet, Tunisia

Hammamet, Tunisia

Somewhere in the USA

Finally, here is one of my workouts. Well, not much of the workout, because of the 5-minute span between reboots. This is taken on a Hammamet beach, in Tunisia, and the white line that you can see is the exterior wall of a presidential property, which you can see if you scroll down a bit. Quite a good spot, indeed. I could not go closer, because of a big stop sign, together with a few guards, and no intention to deal with any kind of police early in the morning.

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