Smart card security on the radio

Smart card security doesn’t often get on traditional media, so we can all (at least, the French-spaking ones) be happy that France Culture will spend an hour discussing the security of payment cards, trying to provide an answer to the question “Comment améliorer la sécurité des cartes bancaires?“. Among the speakers, we will have Jean-Louis Lanet, from Université de Limoges, and Pierre Chassigneux, from Cartes Bancaires. This talk show follows the publication of an article about the same topic in the French magazine Sciences et Avenir.

This sounds interesting, and I will be listening to the show (maybe not live, but I will definitely get the podcast). I listened many times to France Culture’s science shows, and they are usually serious and interesting. Of course, the question (in English, how to enhance the security of bank cards?) is already a bit aggressive, and I am sure that some people would even challenge that question, claiming that there isn’t much to be enhanced. Well, we’ll see on Friday.

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