Android as an application platform

Android and iPhone have in common the fact that they define an operating system, an application execution platform, an applicatoin development platform, an application distribution framework, and probably many things that I forget. This consistent and wholesome experience probably participates to their success, but it also makes the analysis more difficult.

The recent announcement of Alien Dalvik by Myriad Group clarifies things a bit on the Android side, since this product simply allows Android applications to run on other operating systems. My expertise is not deep enough to understand how difficult this is, but the idea sure sounds good at first. Developers are really hard to attract these days, so taking advantage of an existing platform to enrich another operating system looks smart. From my perspective, it also shows the superiority of Google’s approach. This has only been possible because Android is an open-source system, which has been adapted by a third-party company to run on another operating system. This allows Google to reach even more customers, without having to do the work themselves.

Now, the problem is: are there going to be many platforms on which to port this Alien Dalvik? The With Meego’s perspectives being quite somber and iOS an unlikely target, there aren’t that many candidates left.

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