Amazon does little shifts

So, Amazon is launching an online music service, where you can store your music on their servers and then stream it to your devices. This is impressive, and as mentioned by some, we are getting closer to the mythical GDrive. Amazon’s announcement gives us a very cheap online storage: by just buying one album on Amazon’s MP3 store, you get 20GB of free storage. Even if you buy a $5 album (cheaper ones are available), that about $0,25 per gigabyte per year, which is cheap.

Amazon started with the books, as all my Kindle books are stored online, with all the information, and can be instantly retrieved anywhere, anytime. They are now moving to music, which consumes significantly more storage and bandwidth. Video is probably next. Now, will they stop there, or will they move into other types of content, like office documents?

Another interesting thing is the mobile client. We know that Amazon is a friend of Android, especially since they have launched their own Android application store. However, they have gone a bit further here, since the Amazon Cloud Player is only available for Android for the launch. No iOS version at this time, which is quite a bold statement for a product that launched only in the U.S. Of course, an iOS version must be somewhere in the works, but Amazon knows that, eventually, Apple is not going to like their competition. After all, loyal iTunes customers can now upload all their iTunes music into Amazon’s Cloud, and stream it. Maybe an indication why they can only do that on an Android device: It’s a free world.

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