Chip to Cloud, day 2: NFC authentication in the cloud

This is a presentation from Gemalto’s Maurizio Divona, delivered by her colleague Virgine Galindo. It starts from cloud authentication, where strong authentication typically happens with tokens that need to be distributed by service providers.

The idea is of course to use NFC technology to simplify this, which would allow the use of strong authentication in more situations. The idea is here to have credentials in mobile phone applications, and to use it in a NFC transaction with a PC. Here, the service provider delivers a user credential in the phone, or delegates this to a TSM. Because the credential will be stored in the secure element, it is possible to emulate all kinds of hardware tokens on the mobile phone, with a similar security level.

This is an interesting way to introduce new applications in the NFC secure element, especially ifhy can make our lives easier. Of course, this assumes that there actually is an infrastructure ready for downloading content to it, and business models in place to actually get the credentials in an efficient way to the secure element. So, some way to go here.

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