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Some answers to typical questions, complementing the more organized tutorial.

Q&A: How to generate and protect keys in Java Card?

Cryptographic keys are often at the heart of Java Card applications, which often rely on cryptography to protect their data in storage and/or communication. Keys therefore become the most sensitive pieces of data in such applications. All evaluators know that, as getting the values of secret/private keys is the ultimate goal of a security evaluation. […]

Q&A: What do NFC NDEF Signature records bring?

Here is another question related to NFC, this time about what I understand of NDEF signatures (could be incomplete). The NFC Forum has recently added the possibility to include a signature record in tags. Adding such a signature can be used to ensure that the content of the tag (say, a URL) has been written […]

Q&A: NFC attacks

Over the years, I got quite a few questions about Java Card and related technologies. As a diverging extension to the tutorial, and as a way to bring back some technical content here, I will try to write a few Q&A entries on a regular basis. The first one is about NFC attacks, a topic […]