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The Java Card Forum made the official announcement of my nomination as Technical Chairman at Cartes’06. The official press release can be found on the JCF site (in Word).
Like in any good press releases, there are a few quotes, which are provided here.

I said:

Our common driving force is the success of Java Card technology, and not of individual companies. I will continue to ensure the JCF remains a neutral area where new technologies are defined and the products of individual members are not promoted. I will continue to encourage the participation of all our members and ensure that our work is forward-thinking and relevant for the future success of Java Card.

Frank Edme, from Gemalto, head of the JCF’s Business Committee, said:

I am delighted to see that someone with such technical experience in Java Card technology has taken the chair of the Technical Committee. This is particularly important at this time, as we are finalising the industry recommendations for the Next Generation Java Card specifications.

Alan Brenner, VP, Mobility Group of Sun Microsystems, said:

Sun is looking forward to collaborating with Eric Vétillard and JCF on the requirements for the Next Generation Java Card technology. With more than two billion cards deployed, Java Card technology is the most pervasive application platform for smart cards. The next generation will add seamless integration of smart cards into IT infrastructures and set the scene for breakthrough smart card based applications and services.

Hopefully, things will go as planned.

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