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Topics about the future Java Card specification. Information in here will be restricted by confidentiality constraints, as discussions have to be based on publicly available information.

Java Card, a farewell

My Oracle story has ended, and with it my Java Card story, at least for now. I started working on the technology in February 1997, and I have never been very far from the technology for almost 20 years. However, Java Card is not in the scope of my next job, as I will focus […]

The Personal Web

Doc Searls’ latest post points to a post by Louis Ray defining the third wave of the Web (a.k.a. Web 3.0) as the Personal Web. The value of the first wave was in the information itself (static Web, a.k.a. Web 1.0); the value of the second wave was in the sharing of information (social web, […]

LG Thinq and smart appliances

Beside Motorola’s Atrix 4G and the many tablets, one of the very nice announcements of CES is LG’s Thinq, with significant press coverage. Connecting home appliances sounds kind of obvious, and the ubiquitous availability of smartphones and tablets makes it even more obvious. I have many times left my clean laundry sit in the washer […]

About e-Smart: Java Card attacks

I was not at e-Smart this year, but here are some early reports from colleagues who attended the sessions. Over the coming days, I will comment on a few selected presentations. First, one of my favorite topics, which was covered Friday morning: attacks on the Java Card platform. There were two presentations this morning on […]

Live from #esmart: Fault attacks on Java Card 3.0

That talk, from Guillaume Barbu, an Oberthur and Telecom ParisTech Ph.D. student, really talks to me, by bringing together two of my favorite discussion topics. The main task is about combined attacks, which sounds really good. A Java Card 3.0 card has plenty of countemreasures against logical attacks Context isolation. Objects from an application can’t […]

Live from Smart Event: Java Card 3.0 objectives

Last night, I was preparing an introduction for the Smart University session on Java Card 3.0, and I was looking for Java Card Forum material that would somehow prove how early the work started on that topic. I was expecting something around 2003-2004. I first noticed that in 2004, we already had a first architecture […]

On-demand printing and more …

I just read that Google Books has a deal with a company for on-demand printing of old books. This is interesting in itself, and I am sure that I will be very happy to print a few books that I really would like to have in my library. But the thing that really attracted me […]

Live from J1: The PlaySIM Project

The PlaySIM project is about using a SunSPOT device as a Java Card 3.0-enabled SIM card. It is a collaboration between Sun and Telenor, and as far as I know, it is the first experiment based on Java Card 3.0 performed by a mobile operator. The interest of this project is to combine the expressive […]

Java Card @ JavaOne

I worked on my JavaOne slides today, and I searched for the “java card” keyword on the conference catalog. It returned 6 references, all of course related to Java Card 3.0. And on top of it, the content is rather diverse. Of course, you will get a few basic talks: Step-by-Step Development of an Application […]

Google ads in Java Card 3 ?

You may have noticed that I have added Google Ads to this blog. Well, it’s the crisis, and you never know, it may bring in a few extra bucks. Of course, I know that I don’t have millions of readers, so this is not the only motivation. I have been busy in the past week […]