Contactless beer

I stepped into an article that outlines a great use of contactless payment technology. The idea is here to order drinks from an interactive table, and to use a contactless card to pay for them; it has been implemented in a bar in an English college. This does not look very interesting, until we ask a few questions:

  • Why is contactless required?
    Well, contactless can be waterproof, which is important in an English pub. Then, having payment at the table is important in order to avoid bogus orders.
  • Why is this good for business?
    After some days of use, the owners have noticed that people order more expensive drinks from the interactive table. Since they have access to the entire list of drinks, there are more likely to select something else than the two most visible beers (which you often end up ordering at a crowded bar). In the end, contactless contributes to something that is good for business.

This may not be a great idea, but at least, it is good for business, and it does not hurt the users in any way. It is therefore better than many other use cases.

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