JavaOne finale

Well, that’s it, I am about to head back home in a few hours. We just went through James Gosling’s keynote on Extreme Innovation, which included a piece on Java Card 3. Here is what the conference paper had to say on this:

During the show, the Gemalto-cosponsored Java Card programming contest winners will be announced. Contestants had to write a control algorithm (using Java code that could fit on a smart card) for a tank driving around a field with other tanks, with whoever outlasted the other tanks being the winner. Laurent Lagosanto, Gemalto’s head of research, shows off the Java Card 3.0 card’s Connected Edition.

Well, Laurent may not yet be Gemalto’s head of research as James seems to think, but he definitely deserved the title today, as lead engineer for their Java Card 3 platform, and also a major contributor to Java Card Forum and to the spec. He made the correction on the main screen, but the title stuck around in the paper and in James’ speech.

This nice event brought an event to the Java Card 3 specification launch festivities, after SIMposium. Now, another part of the work is starting, which is to build prototypes (for those who don’t yet have any), and then products. In terms of events, the next major event for Java Card 3 will be the smart week, with a dedicated session during the e-Smart conference, and a dedicated conference during Smart University. If you want a chance to learn more about Java Card 3 and play with the cards, Smart University will give you a chance to do so.

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