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My blog, like many others, gathers a few data about its readers using Google Analytics. So, just before the blog closes for a summer vacation, here is a little data about my readership.

Geographically, 15-25% of the readers are from France, and 10-15% from the USA. Germany is between 5% and 10%, and UK, Brazil, and India are often around 5%. Over one year, Russia, South Korea, Netherlands, and Spain. Interestingly, China is not in the top 50, and is behind many other asian countries, including Hong Kong and Taiwan. This is a strange contrast with India.

The page most viewed is the home page, with a little over 25%. The entries to the tutorial follow, with around 3% each. In the top 10, the only other posts not related to the tutorial are the one about Android security (which is also the post that is the most often reached through Google), and the one about status words in ISO7816. Over the last month, the post about development environments is the best performer, and I believe that it could remain in the top 10. What does that tell us? Smart card developers are desperate to find tools and information, and they are not really getting them.

I looked at other parameters, but the results are not as fun. The top keywords are quite expected, with many variations on “java card tutorial” (I am good on Google on these keywords). However, unexpectedly, the top search is “security through obscurity smartcard”, with all searches concentrated over a few months (who the hell would use that search repeatedly to get to m blog?).

My visitors are geeks too, with about 60% of Firefox users, but not too much, with 86% of Windows users (almost no Vista, though).

And finally, I am currently on vacation, I will be mostly unconnected for the coming three weeks, and I will have a lot of mail to read on the week after that. So, thanks you for reading this blog, and write to you in September.

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