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News about this site/blog.

Small steps

After way too much time, I finally upgraded WordPress to a more recent release. I now feel modern and clean. However, the main change is philosophical, as I have changed my way to get revenue. I have removed the Google ads, which were in most cases completely irrelevant, and I have replaced them with a […]

On the road again

You may have noted that I have switched back to this blog’s original title, On the road to Bandol. This original title comes from the fact that Bandol was the codename chosen by Sun for the Java Card release that became 3.0, combined with the fact that, for me, Bandol is quite close to home; […]

Now on your iPhone

I have just added the WPtouch plugin, which provides a better interface to the people who read the blog on an iPhone or iPod Touch. Every time I do this, I am amazed by how smoothly this works (although, this time, I have had to weak the PHP on another plugin). Works fine on my […]

Google ads in Java Card 3 ?

You may have noticed that I have added Google Ads to this blog. Well, it’s the crisis, and you never know, it may bring in a few extra bucks. Of course, I know that I don’t have millions of readers, so this is not the only motivation. I have been busy in the past week […]

Performing a long overdue upgrade

I will be upgrading to WordPress 2.6 in the coming days, and things may not work very well, if at all. I will write a post when this will be over.

Who are you?

My blog, like many others, gathers a few data about its readers using Google Analytics. So, just before the blog closes for a summer vacation, here is a little data about my readership. Geographically, 15-25% of the readers are from France, and 10-15% from the USA. Germany is between 5% and 10%, and UK, Brazil, […]

Security gets personal

With the release of Java Card 3.0, it seems that we have finally reached the end of the road to Bandol (Sun’s internal codename for that release), and we are starting to go down another road, which has not yet been named. As this blog’s title becomes obsolete, I thought that I would seize this […]

Small updates

I am making a few small changes to the looks of the blog, not all very noticeable. Most of them are linked to additional WordPress plug-ins, which mostly help me. The most visible one is the addition of Snap Shots, these little windows that show up when you hover over (external) links. I found them […]

Java Card tutorial

I have hesitated a bit about this: is there room for another Java Card tutorial? I looked on Internet, and I found a few interesting things. However, I still have the feeling that there is room for a tutorial that, without giving away trade secrets and other cryptographer tricks, would focus a bit more on […]

Added section

I have added a section for the topics that are not related directly to a Java Card platform or to any discussion. The topics that we will find in there will of course include applications and research, but also history, and most likely more stuff in the future.